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Oct 1, 2012 7:00pm PDT
electoral votes to president obama, brings him to 255 and romney 191. in florida a poll shows president obama leading by 1 percentage point. that's until the margin of error, so we'll keep those as a toss up at yellow. out in iowa -- again these are all polls out today -- in iowa there was a we ask america poll showing president obama 44%. we'll give the president those electoral votes. things are looking better, though, for mitt romney in north carolina. in north carolina the arg poll shows romney leading 50-46%. and a ppp poll out today that shows it all even. so we'll keep that state in the toss-up column. there are 36 days until the election. this election actually despite everything you are hearing it is still up in the air. so don't count your chickens folk. back with us from washington, d.c. is peter fenn, and joining me here inside "the war room," duf sundheim. duf, let me start with you, because of all of the polls that have been out lately there has been some movement of republican money. there have been in fact fox business news is reporting that some of
Sep 27, 2012 9:00pm PDT
pushing the idea that those polls are at best, wrong. and at worst rigged! romney senior campaign adviser ed gillespie suggested he doesn't believe the polls on fox news yesterday. >> mitt romney is what, five, six, seven eight points behind barack obama right now. is that the same kind of polling you guys are finding with your internal? >> it is not consistent with our polling. >> jennifer: when abc's david muir asked mitt romney about polls that showed his 47% comment had actually hurt him mitt romney comes naturally. he lied about it. >> well, i'm very pleased with some polls. less so with other polls but frankly at this early stage polls go up and polls go down. as you look at the national polls, you see i'm tied in the national polls. >> jennifer: in fact, it is just not true. the latest national gallup poll from today has the president up by 6 points. gallup that far left, skewed organization. but there does seem to be little room for reality in the current republican party. so the polls themselves have
Sep 28, 2012 9:00pm PDT
polls show that romney is actually ahead. how does he do it? he discounts the factors that legitimate pollsters take into account, sample size and cell phone bias and then reweights the polls so they have the same proportion of republicans and democrats exactly. even though in the real world there are more democrats than republicans and that's how you get an accurate poll. now chambers told buzzfeed that he created the site after seeing a poll that he just thought didn't look right. and then according to the calculations none of the other polls out there were right either. why? because of that liberal media bias of course. this is what he said . . . >> jennifer: any poll. that sounds scientific reasoning. remember einstein's e-equals 911 was an inside job. but now republican voters are buying into that reality. a romney supporter ecoed that same nonsense. >> jennifer: he is going to carry virginia in a landslide. okay. not everybody right-winger is on board with that crazy train. chris wallace became the unlikely voice of reason today on mike gallagher's conservati
Sep 24, 2012 9:00pm PDT
granholm. of trouble in the hard land for pop. according to a new poll, governor mitt romney leads president obama by 14 percentage points among rural voters in nine swing states. now republicans have traditionally done well in less populated areas. in 2008, then candidate obama narrowed that gap and won 44% of the rural vote overall. in 2004, senator john kerry captured only 40%. joining me to discuss this and much more, what if anything president obama can do to connect with rural voters is chris lehane. he runs the democratic strategic communications firm. it's fun to have you here. talk about the rural voters. is this something that the president should be concerned about and since mitt romney was basically dissing 47% of america, including rural voters, isn't that something that's an opportunity for the opportunity. as you touched on historically, the rural voters have not supported democrats in the last six, seven presidential cycles. a lot of that's for cult you really voting reasons voting on their pocketbook, but there's a variety of issues that go into that historical pat
Sep 28, 2012 7:00pm PDT
contributing $100 million to romney which is not good. >> jennifer: do you have any evidence that the great shlep and these videos this year are going to have an effect of getting young people to the polls. >> we do know in 2008 the first video got 20 million views, and hundreds of people actually went down to florida and talked to their grandmas and grandpas to get them to vote for obama as it has been proven to help turn florida blue. the video that came out yesterday already has 2 million views. >> jennifer: that's fabulous. >> yeah it felt like we broke the internet for about five opinions. >> jennifer: what is going on there? why is this the best way to get the attention of millennial voters? >> okay. well i would say first i think the comedic videos they allow people to kind of have a point of entry that maybe they wouldn't necessarily have for some wonkier ideas. i think millennials are more aware of the obstacles that truly stan in our way. hope and change is back but it's more mature. >> jennifer: there is a poll out today from pew which says that youth enga
Sep 24, 2012 7:00pm PDT
legislation is to be able to achieve an outcome of electing mitt romney. don't you think that there is really come on, something beneath this that wants to get voters that they don't like away from the poll? >> nice try governor. no, i don't i think that all americans regardless of whichever political party you might be in should account want to have the most trustworthy and the most integrity in the ballot box process and the supreme court rules back in 2008 that a state is well within its right to make sure that not only their rolls are clean with active and valid voters, but allowed to have a voter identification card. i think this is more a distraction than anything else. the two most restrictive states in the united states, governor, had more african-americans and latinos turn out to vote after the voter i.d. law had been put in place. >> i appreciate you trying to tow the party line, but i think it's really clear what the effect of these voter i.d. laws on. i want to get to affirm active action. you say we should end it, because it is taking us backwards rather than advancing people wit
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)